Tips for taking the right measurements for a wedding gown

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Internet provides the best platform for finding a suitable and affordable wedding gown. The main reason for buying wedding gowns online is that it helps women to save their time. The same time can be utilized for planning other important events for the wedding. The online stores provide a wide range of different sized wedding gowns for women of different body shapes and sizes. They also display gowns of different styles and designs. Blu ivory bridal shop is an online store that also provides you a wide range wedding couture in different shapes and sizes. They offer you a wide range of designs. The wedding gowns available in Bridal shop Toronto are designed by professional designers. But, before purchasing a wedding gown online, you have to provide the correct measurements of your body. You can also provide the correct measurements of your body at Bridal shop Toronto, you can buy a suitable wedding gown for your wedding day.

  • The bridal gown should fit the body perfectly and should enhance the personality of the bride. An ill fitted gown can make a bride uncomfortable. A few tips that can help a bride to look beautiful by providing the right measurements are:
  • Ask a family member or your friend to take the measurements of your body. You cannot take the measurements of your body. The size of wedding dress is different for women with different shapes and sizes.
  • When you have to give your body measurements, you should be well dressed and in a well fitted dress. Use a proper tape to take the measurements of your body. A cloth tape can help you to take appropriate measurements of your body.
  • While giving the measurement, stand straight and keep your heels together. Note down all the measurements on a piece of paper. Your stomach should be in a normal position while taking the measurements.
  • Always stand in a relaxed posture. The measurement of the length should be taken from the neck down to the heel to have a long fall of your dress. If you have to wear heels on your wedding day, you can make the dress at least 5 inch longer than the normal length.


After taking all the measurements, you can compare the size chart that is provided by the store. This will help you to match the correct size of your wedding gown with your body size. If you do not find the bridal gown of correct size that matches with your body size, do not get disappointed. Sometimes, bridal gowns that are available online do not have customized measurements. You can order for a customized wedding gown for your special day. A particular wedding gown can be altered as per your body size and delivered to your place.