Safely Shred with Infoshred

Shredding the information in an appropriate manner is as important as collecting the correct information. This is true because if by any means, some of the sensitive data about a person or property passes to an antisocial element, it can pose the threat to that person or property. For example, if the information of a bank account holder leaks out from some wrongly filled document or alike, any criminal can either endanger the safety of that person or fake him and make some illegal transactions in his account. Many a times, some people are also very conscious about the confidentiality of their personal information and if they somehow realize their details have fallen into wrong hands due to the negligence of a particular company, they may initiate a legal procedure against this and such allegations can adversely affect the performance of any company. This is the reason why more and more company in Canada are approaching INFOshred for destroying their data records that become obsolete or irrelevant over the time.

Infoshred was established in 1997 and has its head office in the Mainsland of British Columbia. The main business of this establishment is to destruct the data records available with any company in the shape of paper documents or electronic devices such as mobile phones, tabs and alike. With rich experience of effectively destructing the data, they have clients from varied sectors such as banks, legal, retails, educational institutions, hospitals, government and federal offices. The shredding services by this establishment takes place in premises of the client itself where on-site Mobile Document Shredding Trucks or containers are installed depending upon the volume of the data to be destructed. The data is destroyed with highly effective destruction machines without any human intervention under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. This is a quick and effective process as the machines used for destroying work at a speed of 5000 pounds of paper per hour.

The work procedure of Infoshred comprises of the following steps:

  • Assessment of the Data: The professional from the company visits the client office and analyze the volume and the kind of data that needs destruction.
  • Installation of equipment: To ensure a completely secure obliteration of the records, the process is carried out in the covered containers or specially designed on-site Mobile Document Shredding Trucks that have the equipment installed inside along with the high quality CCTV cameras to ensure no undesired interruption disturbs the procedure.
  • Garbage cleaning: The containers are cleaned of the garbage the very next day.
  • Certificate of Destruction: The client gets a certificate of destruction that proves entire data has been completely obliterated in a fully secure environment.
  • Paper recycling: The residual paper thus obtained is sent to the plants that carry out paper recycling in order to minimize the depletion of environment.

Certain clients who deal in extensive documenting procedures need to carry out the data damaging process on a very frequent basis. Such offices ask for a one time container installation in their premises itself while others can simply do away with the on-site Mobile Document Shredding Trucks.