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The making of White Gold-Porcelain that shines in its own glory

When it comes to buying porcelain, Herend is one grand name that leaves you with no options to draw into comparisons. Herend made porcelain items are known all around the world for their uncanny charm and their long lustre quality that inadvertently find its way into beautifully crafted figurines and classic flower vases that one might come across in a royal house or at a collector’s mansion. Herend made porcelain dinner set that was exhibited for the very first time in London World Fair was brought by none other than Queen Victoria. The dinner set carried exquisite designs of Chinese butterflies painted alongside flowery branches that made Queen Victoria buy them and have them sent to Windsor Castle. Soon after her purchase, the particular dinner set design and collection was renamed as “Viktoria” in her honour.

Crafting with perfection 

Originated in Hungary, Herend made porcelain items surpassed all boundaries and soon became a popular name over sixty different destinations. So what makes Herend porcelain so good? The answer lies in the extensive making process that makes the white gold shine in all its glory and manages to stand the test of time even after years of use. Let’s take a closer look at the process that makes way for the lovely porcelain products best Herend shop online. There are several stages involved in making hard coated porcelain is to sort the finest among the raw materials namely,

  • Kaolin
  • Quartz
  • Feldspar

After the raw materials are mixed thoroughly, it moves on to adapt two distinct mixes. This is soon followed by moulding where it’s shaped and made ready for the plaster cast. This leads to the finished porcelain which is till raw and requires further processing until it is ready to be shaped into desired forms and shapes. Next, in the casting plaster the mix is moistured with water and a host of other important additives. One of the finest forms of moulding technology finds its way into draining a considerable amount of the plaster cast. This facilities solid crust formation and further helps in fitting the mould to create the desired shape. After the raw porcelain piece if put together to the desired shape, it is now made available for decoration, that further involves further little sculptures donning the surface of the object. If the product requires perforation, the porcelain artist uses a special knife carrying double blades to achieve perfection. Soon after, the product is thoroughly cleaned and polished and made ready for baking and glazing following which, it is further baked on and then passed on to the artists for colouring and finishing touches with attractive set of designs. One can buy exclusive porcelain items for best Herend shop online by visiting the online store.