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Learning how to deal with an addict is a concern for many folk. When the addict will not go to rehab it is time to do something different. An intervention is a technique used to entice the addict into living a healthy lifestyle- an intervention is beyond just getting someone in drug or alcohol rehab. These opportunities presented to the addict will trigger an innate response in which they realize rehab is the best option for their current situation. During the entire execution of an intervention we will show your family the most influential way to crack the resistance in an alcoholic or drug abuser from accepting rehab. New Leaf’s intervention and rehab is equipped with know-how and confidence to show the solution. Your specialist will work with each member of the team on an individual basis and teach new ideas and methods for getting someone to go to rehab. Contact a professional today and begin the process of developing a win-win situation for you and your loved one. We are standing by all day and all night to assist. Call For Sale: 801.678.0560 today. ┬áPlease call us